25 things you would never know about me.

1. My sister was born first and a full 5 hours before me.

2. I am legitimately afraid of racoons.

3. I am not legally allowed to drive.

4. The last girl I slept with (other than my current girlfriend) also happened to be my cousins, daughter. (Do not ask I did not know.)

5. I only attended 1/3 of my college carreer.

6. I work out 3 hours everyday and drink a V8 as a ritual. :b

7. I have three tattoos. Ask and I will tell where.

8. My lip was peirced for a modeling cover and I never took it out long enough for it to close up. I could still wear it if I wanted.

9. I wear a lucky bracelet when I am nervous or going somewhere big.

10. I sincerely hate the smell of Armani Suits and I spray them with my cologne before wearing them.

11. I love my girlfriend the most in her pajama shorts and tank top.

12. I scrapbook.

13. When I leave without telling her goodmorning I leave notes on her bed or hidden in the house.

14. My wardrobe is not complete without compression shorts.

15. I had sex in my parents bed when I was 16. (Oops)

16. I fell in love with a girl I was not even dating 3 years ago. (Never dated her)

17. My first name is Braxton.

18. I run in marathon's.

19. I hate toe socks with a passion.

20. Brownies and Jelly. Best shit ever.

21. I own a strip club with a few friends in downtown Madrid.

22. I speak terrible English.

23. I know Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and some english.

24. My father was arabic.

25. I donate 5 million a year to drunk driving funds.

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Comments (7)

  1. SaintPandemic

    Great post— you’re off the hook for sleeping with your cousin’s kid and the 5 languages are very imperssive. I still get Spanish and Italian mixed up.

    August 07, 2012
  2. withwings

    I might not have known these things. In fact it would be extremely odd if I knew any of them
    Nice informative post, and I’m super happy to know the toe socks thing. Was wondering about that earlier.

    August 08, 2012
  3. emo-gia

    lol, wow….I can agree about the socks though, I swear I’d set them on fire or something, and racoons? yeah there freaky, also.. you have a cool name great write though I liked reading it.

    August 08, 2012
    1. braxtonisblue

      Toe socks make me want to cry :P Racoons are the worst thing since Hitler. Thanks, Blue gets original What do you want me to write about next?

      August 10, 2012
      1. emo-gia

        I agree lol, I think you should write about…something funny that happen to you, that would be fun to read.

        August 10, 2012
        1. braxtonisblue

          Tonight I will

          August 10, 2012
          1. emo-gia


            August 10, 2012