A decade of fighting.

A decade of fighting.

If you have read my blogs you would know who Bryce is, my best friend. He is on the right of the picture and on the left is his older brother, August. Now this picture has nothing significant to it unless I explained it.

Bryce and August have been at each other's throats since Bryce turned 11. And not the usual sibling rivalry, I mean they have actually tried to kill each other.

When Bryce was 11 August tripped him down the stairs so he could be the star player in the football (soccer) championship, he broke Bryce's leg. When August got a license he ran over Bryce's dog and killed him because Bryce was dating his ex. All of their stories end like that, August got Bryce into drugs and when the cops showed up he blamed it all on his little brother and got Bryce landed in jail for a few days.

Bryce would sneak into August's room and delete his school files off the computer. He would sleep with his brother's girlfriends on August's bed, he would switch his test scores or have them dissapear completely. And once Bryce slammed his brother's hand in the car door and left him there.

There are a million more stories like this, but there are only really two that matter.

Bryce was recently married to his longtime, highschool sweetheart girlfriend Lexie. But this is where many people get confused, the tension between these two men did not start there, with her. She is definitely a part of it but she is a smaller section than what was already going on. August fell in love.. well no, August lusted after Lexie long before Bryce fell in love with her. August was 16 and Bryce was 14 when they moved to America and met Lexie who is Bryce's age. It took Bryce almost three years to realize that she loved him and not August. Yes, that girl started tension between them that I am positive did not help any but they were going to fight anyways and pretty soon August left for college and they stopped talking, altogether. A few days after Lexie and Bryce's three year mark they broke up and Lexie started dating August.

Now how would that feel? You are still in love with her and she is with your brother that you have hated for years.

August and Lexie were together for three years and then, that is when the important fights happened.

The first day of June Bryce returned to his home in Milan after taking a few days off and I was there to witness this. August brought Lexie to Bryce's home where a lot of us were staying and the second Bryce opened up the door he only had eyes for her. The man dated and dated those three years, but he knew in his heart that it was her.

Let's put it this way, August is the only person I have ever met, including myself that can get that sort of a reaction out of Bryce and vice versa. And August wanted a reaction, he had not seen Bryce since he was 18? He was now 25. And he hit Lexie, hard. She dropped like a dead weight and not even before she hit the ground Bryce was on August. Now most guys fight as in fist fights all tough guy. These are grown men, well over 6 foot and built like trains, no one could stop them. Especially not together, they are forces of nature. And their version of a fist fight is one that includes broken bones and no mercy. I swear one of them would have killed that other that night if Bryce had not hit August so hard he was knocked unconcious.

When it comes to each other, neither of them is any better than the other, but those are not violent men. They set each other off.

And the next day Bryce walked into Lexie's hospital room and kissed her, the rest is history.

Now, the most important fight. Imagine, your brother married the girl you thought you had and the last time you saw him he was punching your face in. Their family had a family dinner and they slept over at the parents house, a little into it August slapped Lexie's ass and they started at it again.

That fight ended with Bryce pushing August against the wall and telling him that this family doesn't need him anymore.

But somehow, in that span of a few hours... they grew up. They turned into their father's sons and became men. The significance of that photo is over a decade of fighting has finally ended. Bryce will always claim he is bigger, and he is, August will always be older. But they have finally settled their differences and become brothers. The last picture of them together was taken when Bryce was 15 and August was 17, they are now 23 and 25, they had a lot to learn and a lot to accept. But in the end, they proved who we all knew them to be. THey have done bad things, but they are not bad people.

Family is always first, they are the best example.

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Comments (1)

  1. JohnElijahVII

    what a story man…
    like it.

    August 25, 2012
    1. braxtonisblue

      Crazy isn’t it :P

      August 25, 2012
      1. JohnElijahVII

        yeah a little bit…
        but i think all the craziness is worth it…
        now that their relationship is a little better…

        August 25, 2012
  2. katscorner

    Ermahgurd. c:

    March 19, 2013
  3. pletent1969

    Bryce an August both brothers are looking same and I am amazed how they can continue to fight for such a long time. I need essay-on-time.com reviews before purchasing the deals from there.

    June 16, 2016