Happy Birthday to me? :b

I guess tomorrow would mark the date of my 23rd birthday? In honor of that I thought some people might be curious as to what I recieved every year before. (Extravagance is key) My parents or sister always bought one huge present for each of my birthdays starting when I was 5 years old, or old enough to really want something.

5- My fifth birthday I got my first dog, a huge Springer Spanial I named Jesus. (I was a terrible child)

6- My sixth birthday was a present shared between me and my twin sister and it was the placement of a pool in our backyard.

7- A trip to Egypt for 3 weeks.

8- Tickets to Disney World, Hawaii and New York for the month of September.

9- (Very cliche) An Arabian horse that I later named Alladin.

10- 10,000 dollars worth of new clothes in a shopping trip.

11- Modeling job.

12- My first computer, phone and cell phone.

13- A hunting dog and gun. My new dog was another springer spaniel named taco.

14- Trip to Rome, Italy.

15- The Athens Olympics tickets.

16- My house in Madrid.

17- Xbox.

18- My sports car. Which I rarely drive anymore.

19- Tickets to the Beijing Olympics

20-Macbook, ipod, apple TV and the new iphone.

21- (The last gift they gave me) My grandmother's engagment ring.

22- (This they never meant to give me yet) Half their bank account, the house and all its assets and my father's company.

23- This year I want nothing more than the girl I already have. I love you baby.


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