My typical day.

I bet many of you have wondered what it would be like to live a day in the life of a millionaire? A day in the life of a CEO of an international company? Want to learn? :) Now do not close your eyes, because you are reading :P But imagine this.

At exactly 4:30 AM every morning my phone alarm goes off to the tune of "Good life," I wake up under a mountain of sheets usually with my girlfriend sleeping on my chest. I move her off to the side and get up to shower. Most days she just wakes up with me and comes to work with me- she has an office as well. I shower,shave and put on one of my suits. I leave the house around 5 AM with the buttered toast I heat up and I drive to the Company headquarters in my Mercedes (I do not have a license :P)

I have someone park my car and I walk into the office where my secretary unlocks the doors and I am litteraly flocked by people. Within the first 5 minutes of getting into the building and to my office (it does take 5 minutes) I recieve all the missed calls and complaints, shipments, paperwork and coffee stacked in my hands. I enter my office with a stack of papers the size of my face. I am a lazy person. It takes me around 4 hours to sort through all those papers, all the while I am also recieving phone calls and the news report is blaring, my macbook pro is open next to the 'Big Mac' and the papers are strewn all the way across my 6 foot long desk. When those papers are cleared up I start my rounds. Walking around, talking to employees, customers, trying to be the friendly face instead of the mysterious boss. I help, I take orders and I collect more paperwork. My phone is one 24/7, and not just my Iphone. I have a blackberry, a pager, a walkie talkie and my iphone constantly attached to my body. And they are ALWAYS going off.

Sometime around 1PM I make my way through all 34 floors and down to my girlfriends office on the 5th floor where we spend 30 minutes eating lunch and then head back to it. I am needed at every moment of the day, I have a two hour meeting from 5-7 PM every day to be 'de briefed' by my 25 managers, I control them, and they control their sectors of the building. At 7:30 I go down in my car to the gym and lift, run, or scrimmage for 3 hours where I finally make my way home and fall asleep around 1 AM. It's not all fun an games.

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