The simple things

You know, I have never thought about what it would be like to be only given an allotted amount of time to spend with someone, but now that I am doing it, I really have been able to appreciate the smaller things a lot more.

5 minutes ago I left my house. I was there from 2pm-10pm. In the past almost 6 days I have been allowed 11 hours with her. So I guess I will talk about what happened.

I was driven and given the keys back to my house at about 1:45 this afternoon. The car ride was almost unbearable, especially the second my parents huge house came into view about 2 minutes before we actually got their, sitting up at the top of the hill. They let me out at the gate, mind you because I am out of the facility so long I have another 3 hours of drugs tests to look forward to tomorrow. I pinned open the lock code and the dogs were out playing in the lawn. Man I missed my babies, but I had time for them later.

Inside the house was silent, she had half a billion pairs of shoes laying on the front rug and I found her asleep in the main floor living room. She fell asleep on the couch with her phone balanced on her arm and the TV muted on Disney. That's my girl. I don't think I've ever appreciated how absolutely beautiful she is until that moment. Call me Edward Sparkly Vampire Man weird, but I watched her sleep for a few minutes, I was perfectly content, with the girl I love in my house, finally at peace and her phone alarm went off. I guess I was a few minutes early because she looked right up at me really confused for a second and then she was off the couch, in a hurricane of pillows and a bunch of Italian/Spanish words I was not really listening to because in that moment, when she jumped into my arms she was touchable, she wasn't a voice on the phone anymore. She was exactly what I needed. I hadn't kissed her in more days than I wish to count but when I did it was the best feeling in the world.

I asked her what she had to do today and she was talking about how she needed to go grocery shopping because she took the day off and the refrigerator was low and she didn't know what I wanted to do and I told her I wanted to go grocery shopping, I wanted to do whatever she was going to do. So I looked fully dressed in my shorts and bro-tank (yea, I am cool) but she was still in her pajama's. I think I missed my bedroom too because the second I got in there I flopped on the bed and watched her go through her massive closet stressing over what to wear to the grocery store, that woman. :) So we grocery shopped, holding hands, making stupid jokes, kissing in the ice cream aisle and then we decided to go window shopping. To the pet store where we played with kittens and she screamed like a little girl when I held the tarantula, we walked through to the clothing stores where she got yet another pair of heels, Italians... we visited the boutique's and payed a ridiculous amount of money to get her car insured, we ate at home and I made her some of my mom's recipes. We watched the Source Code together, and then took it upstairs, and as 10 pm rolled around, she woke up with our dogs on the bed and me playing with her hair. Maybe we could have done more exciting things, but I was perfectly happy with her. Doing the simple things.

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  1. emo-gia

    Awe! lol Edward sparkly emo vampire? the simple things matter the most, they are also the moment we always remember

    August 22, 2012